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Welcome to,

we are currently rebuilding our website after it has been offline for a few months (sorry about that),

in the meantime we recommend you check out our toy rental partnersite Toygaroo

Shortly we will have toys for rent again on

Please be patinet, our designers are working on the new layout at this moment.

Thanks for visiting says the rent A Toy Team!

UPDATE 05/30/11:

we added a temporary banner to make this plain site a little better looking in the meantime, the real logo will need some more time.


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2 Responses to Rent A Toy – Toy Rental

  1. Preeti Hebbare says:


    Interested in toys for 5 yrs girl

    please comment.


  2. Toys says:

    Hello Preeti :) ,

    we are rebuilding our site,
    so we are currently not able to rent toys out to you but if you see these temporary Toygaroo banners on our site, just click on them, they will help you.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

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